Key elements for planning

Key elements for planning

1. Information for families to help understand school options

  • Talking with professionals who know your child well
  • Information booklets
  • Websites
  • Transition to school workshops
  • Other parents who live in your local area and/or who have a child with a disability

2. Identify key people

3. Identify key information about your child to share with the new school

  • How does your child communicate?
  • How do you think your child is feeling about starting school?
  • How has your child responded to transitions in the past?
  • How does your child move around?
  • How does your child manage self-care e.g. eating, drinking and toileting?
  • How does your child interact with other children and adults?
  • How will we communicate regularly with the teacher?

Click here to download "a snapshot of your child" which you can complete and share.

4. Plot out a timeline for transition planning

  • When do any application forms need to be submitted?
  • When can you expect to hear from schools about the offer of a place for your child?
  • When do any building works applications need to be lodged?
  • When do any assessments need to be completed?
  • When will orientation begin?
  • When will visual supports and or social stories™ be developed?

5. Information for families about the school system

  • What do you want and need to know about the school?
  • Are there any information sessions arranged for new parents?
  • Is there any written material about the school to familiarise parents with routines, rules, equipment and uniforms etc?

6. Ongoing evaluation

  • What are two or three initial goals for the transition plan?
  • How will your child’s team keep track of how the plan is progressing?
  • How will your child’s team know if things are going smoothly?

e.g. feedback from school staff, feedback from visiting ECI professionals, your child’s response, your relationship with the school

  • How will we identify strategies to respond to any concerns? Will all members of your team have a way of communicating about this?

Downloadable checklist of things to do in the lead up to school

I don't know which school my child will attend

I know which school my child will attend