Other stories about school

How to use these story templates

These templates are designed for you and your team members to use as a basis for gathering information about different aspects of life at your child’s new school. This information can then be shared with your child in a story format.

Many children with and without disabilities learn well through visual information such as pictures. Visual supports such as these stories provide:

  • a way of preparing your child for a new situation that is easier to understand than using words alone
  • a great way of reminding your child about their new school over the school holiday period
  • opportunities to talk with your child about their feelings about starting school, as you look at the story together

Individualising stories
These templates are intended as a guide. You may like to change the wording of the stories to use language you feel your child will best understand or which are more specific to your child's particular school.

The reason we have not included pictures in this template is that actual photographs of your child’s new school will be more meaningful to your child and prepare them better for their new school.

It is important to ask for permission to take photographs on the school grounds from the school principal.
You may like to take some of the photographs yourself and/or ask a member of your team to help.

Introducing stories to your child

  • You can:
    • download the story so you can use it on a smart phone or tablet device when you are out and about
    • print the story so you can read it with your child like a real book
    • combine looking at the story with talking about or practising some skills or activities e.g. role playing school routines with toys or eating lunch out of the new lunch box
    • have familiar adults or friends look at the story with your child. Sharing their “news” with others may help their confidence and understanding

It may be more meaningful to your child to look at a couple of pages each time, rather than all in one go. Be guided by your child’s response as to how much information to share each time you read the story. Introduce no more than one new story each week.

Click on the links below to download story templates for specific routines at school in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Assembly at school

Canteen at school

Library at school

Recess and Lunch at school

Sport at school