The importance of sharing information about your child

In addition to the information you provide, the early childhood intervention (ECI) and early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals who know your child can also provide information that will assist the school to plan for your child.

They can provide information about:

  • how your child learns and participates in a group setting
  • ways they have adapted and adjusted their programmes to make sure your child is included

By sharing this information with the school:

  • important knowledge and skills about what helps your child to be involved in his/her class are not lost
  • it may be possible to prevent some challenges arising, by learning from what has been in place in the past

Frequently asked questions

Q. I am worried about who will have access to information. How can I make sure that confidentiality is assured for my child?

A. All early childhood education and care and early childhood intervention professionals and staff employed by schools are bound by a code of conduct which reflects the Privacy Act. This includes a responsibility to keep all information about children confidential and only to share information with others with permission from parents.

Parents should be asked to sign a “permission to contact” form which enables professional/s to communicate with your child’s teacher by phone or email. You will need to list the names of all the professionals who you give permission to contact the teacher. For example, preschool teacher, physiotherapist, psychologist.

Q. Wouldn’t it be better for the new school to get to know my child without any preconceptions and develop their own strategies?

A. Research, including feedback from many families and professionals, shows that when information is shared and everyone works together, transition to school is more successful.

For more information about how to share information about your child with the new school, see here. The "Snapshot of my Child" is a brief template you can fill in to tell your child's new teacher the most important things about how your child learns.

The NSW Department of Education also has a more detailed "Transition to School Statement" template which includes sections which can be completed by families and early childhood education and care staff to share information about your child with your child's new school. View it here.