What do I know about my child?

What you know about your child’s:
personality and learning style
learning needs

Sharing what I know about my child

What you know about your child

Parents and carers know their child the best. When considering school options it is helpful to think not only about your child’s needs, but also their personality, temperament and interests.

Below are some questions to consider and discuss with other family members, friends, early childhood intervention and early childhood education and care professionals.

Personality and learning styles

All children have their own unique personality. Different types of learning environments suit different personalities. For example, a child who is easily distracted may learn better in a more structured environment.

After thinking about these questions, decide which factors are important for your child in choosing a school.

Structured learning environment?

Small school?

Strong emphasis on academic achievement?

Playground size?

Classroom layout?

Creative arts (music, painting etc)?

Regular physical education opportunities?

Learning needs

All children have learning needs. Think about the things that help your child learn best. The table below may help you to identify and share what has been helpful to your child. Click here to download a copy you can complete on-line, download and complete on a computer and/or print​.

Area of Development Strategies and learning situations which have helped recently
Communication e.g. use of visual supports, or key word signs
Social e.g. mainstream preschool (ECEC) and/or structured small group programmes, use of social stories™ to explain social situations
Self-help e.g. strategies for independent eating, visual supports for the toilet routine
Behaviour e.g. everyone (home and ECEC) working consistently on positive behaviour plan or use of rewards
Mobility e.g. particular equipment or training from therapists or family to ECEC staff
Vision e.g. use of large print books, or visits from vision specialists to train ECEC staff
Hearing e.g. training ECEC staff to use Key Word sign or any preferred means of communication
Sensory processing issues e.g. provision of activities to help regulate sensory input in ECEC such as use of a quiet calming corner

You may like to rate the areas of your child's learning needs in order of importance to you and your family.

Area of learning needs Importance to our family (1-8)
Self help
Sensory processing

Click here to download a copy

Sharing what I know about my child

"A snapshot of my child"

When you have thought about your child's personality and learning styles, their learning needs and their interests, you may like to use this template to share this information with others such as your child's teacher at school.

Click here to download a copy of the "snapshot of my child" template which you can complete on-line, download and complete on a computer and/or print.