What to find out about the school

Some important things to find out about your child’s new school

Before your child starts at their new school, it can be helpful to find out some information about the school.

You may like to collect this information gradually or ask at a planning meeting with the school.

Taking photos (or video footage) may help your child become familiar with the school. You can use these to make a "My new school" story for your child about starting school. It is important to ask for permission from the principal before taking photographs or video footage.

Things it might help your child to know about

  • People at school
  • The school environment
  • The playground
  • School routines

Things parents should find out

  • Kindergarten start and finish times
  • Uniform details
  • What additional items to bring to school

Click here to download a PDF checklist of things to find out about school which you can complete on-line, download and complete on a computer and/or print.

Specific information about starting school for families of children with developmental delay or disability in each state and territory
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